Eve Online Misson Guide – Cash Flow for Capsuleers (3 of 10) – Military Career Advancement Mission 3

This article will be covering the mission Cash Flow For Capsuleers (3 of 10), part of the Military Career Advancement arc. Finished drooling from the sight of my new flashy condor, I figure it’s time to switch over my equipment from the comparatively worthless Ibis to my new metal death dealer in preparation for my next mission. Unfortunately equipment slots limit me to just my ammo consuming 75mm Gatling Rail 1. A slight downgrade in power perhaps, but hey, still should do the job until I can get some rocket launchers. I start up the next mission and low and behold, I’m granted 2 rocket launchers at the beginning, sick! Strange however.. I have not yet received a missile launcher operation skill book, so I’m going to have to buy one; perhaps I skipped something by accident earlier. 10 minutes to train to level one… time to go do some chores around the house for a bit.
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Back from taking the trash out and now it’s time to equip some missile launchers. Oops… Forgot I needed Rockets skill also. Well, let’s see what else there is to do around the house…

Done! Plus now the apartment is a little cleaner. I decide to load up on phalanx rockets since they’re available in my current station, and relatively cheap, plus I’m not at the point yet where I really need to focus on maxing out my damage yet. Heading out of the station for my next mission I notice it’s a retrieval one. I am tasked with looting a document from a pirate wreck and bringing it back to my agent. The rewards? 100,000 isk and propulsion jamming skill, sounds good.

Warping into the field of engagement gets me quickly accosted by 2 drones and 4 Pithi Arrogators, one of these drones starts webbing me right away, slowing my speed to a crawl allowing the other ships to place more effective hits against me. After a moment of surprise I quickly begin targeting all the enemy ships and before I even realize it they’re vanishing into clouds of debris, I’m wiping them out with single salvos. ?This is going pretty well. I notice there is a named NPC 100km out, but he warps out after I gank all his buddies, one of which dropped the secret documents I needed. This mission was a resounding success, time to warp back and get my rewards.

Turning in my mission I grab the new skill book and add it to my queue, I figure propulsion jamming could be useful later. This completes mission Cash Flow For Capsuleers (3 of 10).