OSRS Dragon Slayer Quest Optimal Guide


In the following guide, we will show you the easiest and quickest way to complete the Dragon Slayer. The journey will be quite smooth to complete the osrs dragon slayer quest, and without much difficulty, you will be able to understand the steps that are listed. We’ll be starting with the quest requirements first, so read through and Goodluck!

Quest Requirements

To start this osrs dragon slayer quest, you will need 32 Quest Points, 8 Crafting, and a good enough combat level to withstand the hits from a level 83 dragon. Now, I’ll be listed the recommended requirements that you’ll need for an easy run: 33 Magic, Hammer, Planks x3, Unfired Bowl, Steel Nails x90, Lobster Pot, Piece of Silk, Anti-Dragon Shield, Wizard’s Mind Bomb, 2,000 GP, If you’re Magic level is higher than 33 then a Magic weapon with Air & Law Runes, If your Magic Level is below 33, then 10,000 OSRS GP, Combat Bracelet, The Chronicle, Anti-fire Potions.

Starting the quest

To start this osrs optimal quest guide, you must first visit the guild master of the Champion’s Guild and ask him if he has any available quest for you. He will ask you to speak to Oziach in Edgeville, who can be found next to the Wilderness Wall. Oziach will want you to kill a Green Dragon named Elvarg, who is on Crandor Island. So, once you’re done speaking, you will have to return to the guild and speak to the guild master again. You can easily get there by teleporting with the help of The Chronicle.

The master will ask you to find three pieces of a map to locate where the island is, and he’ll also want you to find a boat that can take you there, as well as a shield that can protect you from Elvarg’s fire. To progress the quest further, make sure that you ask every available question. Now, to get a free Anti-Dragon Shield, you can speak to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge, who can be found on the first floor of the castle, or you can simply purchase one from the Grand Exchange.

The three map pieces

Lozar’s Map: For this piece in this osrs optimal quest guide, go to the Port Sarim Jail and speak to Wormbrain. You will have to pay him a sum of 10,000 gold coins for him to give you the map piece. There’s an alternative way where you can kill him and use telekinetic grab to steal the piece.

Melzar’s Map: Before you locate this piece, you must go to the guild master and take a Maze Key from him, and then head enter the Melzar’s Maze located in Rimmington. First, kill the zombie rat to obtain the next key, then open the door north of the maze and go up the ladder. Now kill the ghost with the help of a tube top and no cape to obtain the next key, and then open the door north on the eastern maze wall and climb up the ladder. Similarly, kill a skeleton with the help of a round shield and obtain the next key, and then open the southwestern door and climb down the ladder three times. In the final part, kill Melzar the Mad for the next key and walk through the purple door (kill zombies to obtain the key to the room where Melzar lives). Then kill the lesser demon and open the green door, and at the very end of the room, open the chest and search it to obtain the map piece.

Thalzari’s Map: Head to the Ice Mountain, which is located northwest of the Barbarian Village, and talk to the Oracle. Next, go into the Drawven Mine and head to the northeastern magic door to use your items; Silk, Unfired Bowl, Lobster Pot, and Wizard’s Mind Bomb on it. This will allow you to open the door, so just search the chest in the room to obtain the final piece.

The boat

Once you have the three pieces, you will now need to find a boat that can take you to Crandor Island. First grab Steel Nails x90, Planks x3, 2,000 GP, and a hammer, and make your way to Port Sarim to speak to the NPC named Klarense. Choose the fourth option during your conversation, and then the first. Now, pay her 2,000 gold coins for the boat, enter it and go down the ladder to repair the hole three times.

The captain

Once you have all the quest items on you, speak to Captain Ned in the Draynor Village in the small house that is located in the eastern part of the village. Make sure that you have the necessary equipment and supplies because you will need to fight Elvarg now. Ask Ned to become your captain for the excursion, and once he agrees on it, return to your shit in Port Sarim and you’ll find him there. Speak to him again and a cutscene will trigger showing how your boat is sailing towards Crandor Island.


Once you reach the island, head to the highest peak of the volcano on Crandor and enter the hole there. This will take you to a tunnel where you have to head south in order to locate Elvarg. Make sure that you have your Anti-Dragon Shield, or you’ll end up dead because of Elvarg’s deadly fire breath attacks. You can also periodically use Anti-Fire Potions (If accessible) to minimize the damage. Once you’ve defeated it, take its head and speak to Oziach again to complete the quest.